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Heritage Hogs

Happy Healthy Pigs

Once weaned, our pigs are also finished on pasture or deeply bedded pens depending on their age.  They eat a vegetarian diet that ranges from corn to apples, pears, nuts and various forages.  Pass Family Farms does not use antibiotics, growth hormones or any animal by-products in our feed.  We believe happy, healthy pigs lead to happy healthy consumers.  

Heritage Hogs

At Pass Family Farms we utilize heritage breeds of hogs to create a finished product that is of the highest quality.  We use Red Wattles, Berkshire and large black breeds in our program.  These breeds were chosen because of their reputation for being docile, having foraging ability, their hardiness and history for creating high quality pork.  Their meat is well marbled, flavorful, juicy and tender.

The Power of Flavor

Raising hogs using a traditional method of farming allows Pass Family Farms to deliver guaranteed high quality farm fresh pork to its customers.  Our heritage breeds have a reputation for producing this high quality dark rich colored pork.  

Our Promise to You

At Pass Family Farms, we promise to deliver pork that is held to the highest standard so that you should expect to serve it with the same confidence and pride as we serve it to our family.

After all, the Pass Family appreciates superb products and we invite you to experience it for yourself!