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Established 2005

About Us

Making Dreams a Reality

In 2005 I bought our home farm and started raising hogs for our family.  As time passed our vision and passion became focused on devloping quality pork.  We found other consumers were tired of the flavorless "other white meat" too.  We started selecting heritage breeds known for producing top quality pork that is well marbled, juicy and tender.

Our Story

As a child I spent a lot of time with my grandparents on their farm.  My grandfather raised hogs outside in pastures and wooded paddocks year round.  These times have inspired me to revert back and start raising hogs outside just like grandpa did. Pass Family Farms utilizes heritage breeds (Red Wattles, Berkshire and large black breeds) in our program based on their proven reputation for being docile, ability to forage and hardiness resulting in high quality pork.

Kaleb Pass

Life on the Farm

Animal welfare and quality of life for our hogs is our highest priority.  We do not use gestation or farrowing crates.  Sows and pigs are allowed to interact naturally with no obstructions.  They eat a vegetarian diet that ranges from corn to apples, pears, nuts and various forages.  Pass Family Farms does not use antibiotics, growth hormones or any animal by-products in our feed. We believe happy, healthy hogs lead to happy healthy consumers


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8231 E 100 S, Monticello, Indiana 47960, United States

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